Top 10 Indian Female Fashion and Lifestyle Vloggers on youtube in 2023

Top 10 Indian Female Fashion and Lifestyle Vloggers on youtube in 2023 - Fashion and Life Style is a form of self-expression and self determination at a particular time and place and in a specific context, of clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, and body posture.

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Top 10 Indian Female Fashion and Lifestyle Vloggers on youtube in 2023
Top 10 Indian Fashion and Lifestyle YouTubers in India 2023

Fashion is a context-specific expression of clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, and hairstyle. The phrase refers to a style that has been identified by the fashion industry as being currently popular. The fashion system makes anything that could be regarded fashionable available and helps spread its popularity.Scroll down to know Top 10 Indian Fashion and Lifestyle YouTubers in India 2023.

1.Trisha Paul

One of the Top 10 Female YouTubers in India is Trisha, who has her own channel. The influencer was also included on the list of 30 fashion vloggers that are currently reigning supreme in the glam world. She has a fervent enthusiasm for beauty and fashion, which she does not hesitate to share with the rest of the world.Trisha Paul was invited to appear as a guest lecturer on the popular education website Josh talk.

Her channel is a go-to destination for fashion lovers seeking beauty tips, DIY, home remedies, product reviews, and hair styling tips, makeup tutorials, look books, jewellery recommendations, home decor suggestions, weight loss tips, and much more. Her channel features a wide range of topics, including: The most recent video that Trisha has uploaded is a homemade vitamin C serum that anyone can make.

Social Media and Youtube

In a similar vein, the Indian fashion blogger has uploaded 622 videos on the platform, which collectively have received 351 million views. The most popular video that Trisha has uploaded, which is about how to get clear, radiant, and immaculate skin at home with aloe Vera gel, has earned 58.6 million views, 11.4 thousand comments, and 597 thousand likes. Trisha's videos receive an average of 13.9K views each on average. Trisha includes not only her son but also her husband and daughter in her writings.

2.Megha Bahuguna

Malina Agarwal is a fashion and lifestyle blogger that covers the newest trends in Bollywood both on camera and behind the scenes.The influencer is always up to date on the most recent celebrity interviews, beauty instructions, fashion suggestions, and a variety of other topics.

Social Media and Youtube

Malini's Lifestyle channel on YouTube is one of the most popular channels there, and she has a number of series, radio shows, and podcasts available that discuss the fashion and lifestyle secrets of celebrities. The video that Malini watched was an instalment from the house invasion series that was created by Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta. This video has received 7.75 million views, 95,400 likes, and 1,93,000 comments since it was uploaded. In addition, Missmalini is known to cover ad photo shoots, fashion weeks, and exclusive parties that feature Bollywood celebs from a behind-the-scenes perspective. Additionally, the influencer goes shopping with celebs and helps them pick out the perfect items.

3.Sejal Kumar

Sejal Kumar, who is known as one of the most successful Lifestyle YouTubers in India, has a number of awards and accomplishments to her name. Sejal was awarded the "Fashion Account Of The Year Award" by Instagram in 2018, "Instagrammer Of The Year for Fashion" by Instagram in 2019, and the "Cosmopolitan India Blogger Award" by Cosmopolitan India in 2019 for being the best Lifestyle blogger.

Sejal is responsible for the production of content, some of which includes hair care and hairstyling, music, fashion, fundamental cookery, Indian clothes, do-it-yourself, festival dress, and style on a budget. Additionally, the YouTuber puts together clothes for fashion lovers, such as high school and college students, from scratch. 

Social Media and Youtube

IThe fashion YouTuber has a total of 728 videos posted on their channel, which have garnered 259 million views so far. During the past month, Sejal has posted a total of 12 times, garnering an additional 3.27 million views.317 thousand people follow Sejal on Facebook; 842 thousand people follow her on Instagram; and 14.9 thousand people follow her on Twitter.

4.Komal Pandey

One of the most well-known Indian lifestyle content creators on YouTube, Komal Pandey is based in India. Before she became a social media sensation, Komal began her career on a more modest scale by writing a fashion blog under the moniker "The College Couture." In this space, Komal Pandey discusses what she knows about style and beauty, as well as the things that excite her. 

However, it was Komal's time spent working at POPxo as a humour and fashion coordinator that brought the influencer prominence on a national scale. Since that time, the fashionista has worked together with well-known celebrities on a variety of different styling efforts. In the month of October, L'Oréal Paris showcased Komal Pandey as one of their runaway models. The influencer is scheduled to make an appearance at the Meta Creators Day in Delhi on November 6, 2022.

Social Media and Youtube

In August of 2017, the YouTuber initiated the creation of her channel.The channel currently has 1.3 million members and a 10% interaction rate among those subscribers. There have been 179 million views on the channel as a result of the 125 videos that Komal has uploaded. The video that received the most views was one in which Komal offered advice on how to look beautiful without wearing short clothes. The video has been seen 5.23 million times and has garnered 2,43,000 comments and 107 thousand likes.

5.Kritika Khurana

That Boho Girl, also known as Kritika Khurana, has become one of the most prominent fashion YouTubers in India. She goes by the moniker "That Boho Girl." The young woman who has a passion for fashion is also a trained fashion designer and an avid traveller. She enjoys the challenge of putting together captivating ensembles and posting them on Instagram. In addition, Kritika is the author of the lifestyle blog titled "That Boho Girl," in which she discusses the most recent developments in the fashion and lifestyle industries. After achieving success on social media, Kritika went on to launch her own clothing collection, which was produced in partnership with the apparel firm Spoyl.

After launching her channel in August 2014, ritica provides feedback on and suggestions for reasonably priced clothing. In her video, she uses things that are inexpensive. It has been announced that Kritika would be appearing on the cover of the sophisticated wedding magazine. The influencer was included on the Forbes list of 30 under 30 and was regarded as one of India's most prominent digital stars in 2022.

Social Media and Youtube

Kritika just recently published a video on which she discusses the things that she finds herself obsessing with in terms of fashion. Within the first two hours after it was uploaded, the video had 10,500 views, 1,584 likes, and 146 comments. In a similar vein, Kritika has published 541 videos, each of which has earned an average of 399k views.

6.Prerna Chhabra

Prerna Chhabra is a fashion stylist based in Greater Delhi. The influencer graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology with a Master's degree in Apparel Marketing and Merchandising. Prerna currently works out of London, and her styling inspirations with a dash of silliness have earned her widespread acclaim. Prerna has assisted many people in selecting cosmetic products. 

She primarily designs styling ideas for bags, outfits, and jewellery. Her channel also features sarees, party outfits, work outfits, wardrobe essentials, celebrity inspired looks, lookbooks, clothing hauls, skin care routine, weight loss diet, makeup tutorials, seasonal styling, Indian ethnic styling, brand/product reviews, and more. Prerna is interested in environmentally friendly fashion. One of India's top fashion youtubers only promotes reusable and environmentally friendly products.

Social Media and Youtube

Prerna's video on stylish kurti + jeans outfits has received 6.27 million views, 157 thousand likes, and 3.39 thousand comments. Has uploaded 267 videos, totaling 106 million views in the channel's lifetime. The channel has received 3.7 million views and 10 new videos in the last 30 days. Prerna will post new content every Sunday.

7.Roshni Bhatia

Roshni Bhatia is an experienced professional in the fields of fashion and style. The Influencer got his start in the fashion industry as a fashion producer for the online fashion magazine POPxo before he became successful. In the end, Roshni started a blog that she called "TheChiqueFactor," which is what brought her to the attention of the general public. 

8.Eshani Patel

The trend-setter held down two jobs before launching her own cosmetics line, which is comprised of the finest products that can be sourced from across the nation. She wishes for everyone, regardless of their age, gender, or skin tone, to look their absolute best and exude self-assurance.

Social Media and Youtube

She has amassed a considerable following across all social media platforms. On Instagram, she has 11.7 thousand followers, while her YouTube channel has 147 thousand subscribers. 2019 is the year that Ishani launched her own beauty and lifestyle channel.This influencer has contributed to the channel with 668 videos that have a combined total of 20,600,000 views. Recent endorsement from Eshani for the holiday savings event 2022 hosted by Sephora. The review that Eshani posted on the MORPH X JACLYN hill palette had 500 thousand views, 617 thousand likes, and 266 comments.


Komal ji's blog "daily flashing blogger" launched her as an influencer. Her desire to provide the best beauty and lifestyle content for the masses eventually led her to YouTube in December 2011. Komal ji also launched her own clothing line, KOQAL. The company specialises in products that help people keep their natural skin looking younger.

Social Media and Youtube

Komal ji has 787 videos on her channel, with a total of 21.4M views. Every month, the Indian fashion YouTuber uploads at least four times. Hair curling tips, affordable beauty product recommendations, celebrity inspired styles, step by step makeup tutorials, skin care routines, song covers, fitness tips and much more exciting content can be found on her channel.The video received 1.43 million views, 2.24 thousand comments, and 36.3 thousand likes.

10.Shreya Jain

Shreya has gained a significant societal media following as a consequence of her ability to give extensive fashion stuff. Shreya's blog "Beauty in the Third World" features unboxings, reviews, and a step-by-step beauty lesson. Shreya also established her shopping and retail business, SJ merch, where she sells her fashionable, eccentric, and happy products.

She includes makeup tips, hairstyling tutorials, makeup influenced by Bollywood celebrities, foundation routine, clothing/jewelry hauls, DIY, skin care routine, bridal makeup, weight reduction recommendations, and a lookbook. Shreya also provides step-by-step instructions for the application of branded items alongside her honest reviews.

Social Media and Youtube

Shreya Jain has a YouTube presence. The YouTuber has released 1,600 videos, which have garnered 167 million views. Shreya also has 149K Facebook followers, 10.3K Twitter followers, and 475K Instagram followers. Shreya has uploaded 23 times in 30 days. The most popular video by an Indian fashion YouTuber demonstrates three ways to utilise aloe Vera gel to get smooth and lustrous hair. The video has 2.49 million views, 1.31 thousand comments, and 37 thousand likes.

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