Why Chinese People Always Drink Hot Water ? Facts to know

Why Chinese People Always Drink Hot Water ? Facts to know - After a long hot day with the sun beating down on our backs, a bottle of cold water sounds like the ideal solution.

Apr 1, 2023 - 17:30
Apr 1, 2023 - 17:32
Why Chinese People Always Drink Hot Water ? Facts to know
Why Chinese People Always Drink Hot Water ? Facts to know

Reaching for an icy soda from the fridge or ordering a frosty beer from a bar also sound like viable options. In Western countries, we frequently drink our beverages cold - not just on hot days, but also when dining out, with popcorn at the movies, or as a treat on its own.

However, drinking cold drinks may not be the norm everywhere. In most restaurants, we are served a glass of cold water with our meals, but in China, we are served a cup of steaming hot tea. However, the benefits of drinking hot water are not limited to ancient Chinese medicine. 

Many people boil their water because they believe it kills microbes and bacteria. Drinking straight from the tap is also frowned upon by many Chinese today; (shng shu), or "raw water," is thought to cause stomach and intestinal complications if consumed because it has not been processed and "cleaned."

Some have also suggested that drinking hot water is culturally significant. Some say that when dining out in the United States, it's all about the service. Waitresses and waiters are expected to refill your water if it runs low, which may explain why restaurants serve cold water. If an accident occurs, cold water will not harm the customer, whereas hot water may send someone to the emergency room. In China, you get your tea in a pot and pour it into your own cups; if you spill the water, you're responsible for it.

Despite all of the good benefits of hot water and the disadvantages of drinking cold water, modern medicine tells us that both are safe to drink. While hot water increases blood circulation and helps reduce cramps and indigestion complications, cold water aids in lowering body temperature after intense exercise and boosts metabolism. Drinking cold water in moderation will not cause digestive issues, contrary to popular belief, because the liquid warms up to your body temperature as it travels down the oesophagus.

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